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Yoko Maekawa, Les 5-4-3-2-1, Mayukiss, Salia, Koda Kumi, & Wild 3-Nin Musume - Cutey Honey Theme Medley
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So… I decided to go ahead and get the theme song from every version of Cutey Honey that exists so far, and put them all together into a medley. This turned out to be longer than I expected, so I had to upload it to an external source since Tumblr has a 10 MB limit. XD

Here’s a list of all the themes included:

1. Cutey Honey (1973) / Yoko Maekawa

2. Shin Cutey Honey (1994) / Les 5-4-3-2-1

3. Shin Cutey Honey English (1995) / Mayukiss

4. Cutey Honey Flash (1997) / Salia

5. Cutie Honey The Movie & Re: Cutie Honey (2004) / Koda Kumi

6. Cutie Honey The Live (2007) / Wild 3-Nin Musume


this is sylvia in 2 years time


this is sylvia in 2 years time